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Bangkok to Ayutthaya : Mid morning Day 1 - 1700 Day 2SUGGESTED ITINERARY (8)

(Bang Sai to Piyavan Resort via Ayutthaya: 09:30 Day 1 – 09:00 Day 2)

Bang Sai Arts & Crafts VillageBang Pa-in Summer PalaceAyutthayaElephant Kraal – Dinner Cruise – Piyavan Resort (Overnight on board) – Disembark 09:00.

Duration: 2 Days


Your voyage departs from the Royal Thai Folk Arts and Craft Centre at Bang Sai.  This large modern gallery hosts a wide variety of modern and traditional Thai works of art; many beautiful craft items are for sale at reasonable prices.  The adjacent Traditional Thai Village displays a number of Thai crafts, which are undertaken in houses styled from various parts of the country.

Board your Classic Barges rice barge and cruise to the new and very charming boutique resort Ayutthaya Garden River Home where we will stop for lunch.  The resort grows its own organic vegetables and herbs; you will be presented with the menu in advance to ensure that your selections are available.  If desired, the itinerary can be adjusted to include a traditional Thai massage at the resort’s spa; they are renowned for their special hot salt pot massage.

A short cruise brings us to Bang Pa-In and the unique gothic style Buddhist temple of Wat Nivet.  A cable-car will carry you across the canal to the Bang Pa-in Summer Palace.  The palace grounds contain a variety of beautiful buildings in European, Chinese and traditional Thai styles, including some of the best known structures in the Kingdom.

Another hour and the appearance of the fortress ‘Pom Phet’ ushers our arrival at the ancient capital of Siam, ‘Ayutthaya’.  As we approach the city, we pass the sites of the Japanese, British, Portuguese and Dutch settlements. It is here where the Dutch East India Company’s ships lay at anchor 400 years ago.

We pay a visit to the revered temple of Wat Phananchoeng, which predates the ancient capital, before continuing to the Elephant Kraal on the Lop Buri River to see the working elephants taking their evening bathe in the river.  You can hand feed the elephants from the front deck, but be wary, if teased, these gentle, but playful, animals are not beyond occasionally squirting water at the unsuspecting guests.

We then cruise to the Ayothaya Riverside Hotel, where a Thai dinner is selected from the restaurant’s menu; dinner is served on board as you cruise past the illuminated riverside attractions of Ayutthaya.  The boat then makes a night cruise back to Piyavan Resort at Bang Sai to spend the night.

The following morning a full Western breakfast is served before you disembark to continue your journey.

End Itinerary 8.

Transfers to and from the boat can be arranged to suit your travel plans.

Day 1

09:30    Arrive by road at Bang Sai (Visit the Traditional Village and Folk Art Centre).

10:45    Depart Bang Sai for Bang Pa-in.

12:00    Arrive at Ayutthaya Garden River Home Resort & Spa for a set Thai lunch.

13:00    Depart for Bang Pa-in Summer Palace.

13:20    Arrive at Wat Nivet and the Bang Pa-in Summer Palace.

15:00    Depart Bang Pa-in for Ayutthaya.

16:15    Arrive at Wat Phananchoeng to visit the temple.

17:00    Travel to the ‘Elephant Kraal’ on the Lop Buri River.

19:00    Depart on an evening dinner cruise featuring selections from the full menu of the Ayotthaya Riverside Hotel’s full menu.

22:30    Night cruise to Piyavan Resort, Bang Sai (Overnight on board).

08:00    Breakfast on board.

09:00    Disembark to travel to your next destination.

Custom itineraries can be tailored to suit individual requirements; please feel free to request a personal itinerary and individual quotation.

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