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Pa Mok to Bangkok [via Menam Noi] : 09:00 Day 1 - 17:00 Day 2SUGGESTED ITINERARY "4B"

(Pa Mok to Bangkok [via Menam Noi] : 09:00 Day 1 - 17:00 Day 2)

Pa Mok - Khlong Phong Pheng - Menam Noi - Wat Sala Daeng Nua (overnight) - Wat Phailom - Koh Kret - Bangkok


2 Days

NOTE: During high river levels, September to November, Khlong Phong Pheng and the Menam Noi may not be navigable due to low bridges.

Description: Depart Wat Pa Mok for Khlong Phong Pheng, a natural waterway which leads to the Menam Noi river which flows in parallel with the Chao Prayah. When entering the narrow but deep waterway, you will be surprised at the number of large steel barges loading sand at Ban Phong Pheng; but beyond the first bridge the khlong becomes a pretty and peaceful stretch of water.

A steel footbridge at a temple halfway between the Chao Prayah and Menam Noi is the critical obstruction for this route; if we can pass beneath this bridge, the water level will permit passage down the Menam Noi. Pa Mok to Bangkok [via Menam Noi] : 09:00 Day 1 - 17:00 Day 2After the footbridge the khlong narrows, becomes shallower and is partially blocked by fallen trees. From here on it becomes an adventure cruise; trees, shallow water and low wires hamper passage. Beyond the Sena Township , fleets of idle tugboats and barges crowd the narrow river, leaving little room to pass. Further down the Menam Noi, masses of drifting water hyacinth occasionally block the river, slowing progress to a crawl. The scenery however makes up for the inconvenience; the narrower waterway brings the riverside way of life intimately closer. Once the Menam Noi reunites with the Chao Prayah, progress is back to normal again.

The next port of call is Wat Sala Daeng Nua, a small temple located in a village inhabited by descendants from an ethnic group originating in an area of northern Thailand near the Myanmar border. This pristine village on the banks of the Chao Prayah has been earmarked for future tourism development, but at the moment it is a peaceful place to take a relaxing walk among the flowers along the riverbank. As the temple is located on the eastern bank, you can enjoy pre-dinner drinks whilst watching the sun set over the river. Dinner is served on board in accordance with your selected menu. After dinner drinks are served whilst you catch up with the latest international news, enjoy music, a movie, or simply relax in the balmy tropical night.

Pa Mok to Bangkok [via Menam Noi] : 09:00 Day 1 - 17:00 Day 2Breakfast of your choice is served at your convenience, after which we set course to Samkhok and the revered temple of Wat Phailom, which is a winter nesting ground for the Asian Open-billed Stork. An elevated boardwalk has been erected through the mangroves so that you can get an intimate view of these graceful birds which migrate from Siberia and northern India.

A further hour's cruising southward brings you to the man-made island of Koh Kret. Isolated from the Eastern bank of the river by the Pak Kret Canal, the island has no roads or cars, only a narrow encircling laneway with paths leading to houses and the famous Mon potteries which dot the island. On weekends the island is bustling with tourists and the many small restaurants and bars lining the narrow thoroughfare do a brisk trade; on weekdays the pace is a little more relaxed. The island is definitely worth a visit to experience its unique culture and atmosphere.

From Koh Kret the cruise continues to Bangkok where you may disembark at your riverside hotel or other convenient place. We can arrange for a driver to collect you and take you to your hotel or the Airport.

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