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Ayutthaya to Bangkok : 10:00 Day 1 - 17:00 Day 2SUGGESTED ITINERARY (2)

(Ayutthaya to Bangkok : 10:00 Day 1 - 17:00 Day 2)

Ayutthaya - Bang Pa-in Summer Palace - Bang Sai Arts & Crafts Village - Wat Sala Daeng Nua (overnight) - Wat Phailom - Koh Kret - Bangkok


2 Days

Description: Leave the Pea Tevaraj Restaurant and travel down the Pasak River to join the Chao Phraya River. Shortly after departing you arrive at the beautiful and revered temple of Wat Phananchoeng. The temple was built in 1300 and predates the Ancient Siamese capital. A huge gilded Buddha image is in the main hall and is said to have been built by a Chinese Emperor. In the grounds of the Wat, a Chinese shrine commemorates a Chinese princess who drowned in the river nearby. In accordance with Chinese custom, the fish in the river were fed to protect the princess's body; this practice is still carried out to this day. A visit to the temple is highly recommended and feeding the fish is a must.

After leaving Wat Phananchoeng, we turn south down the Chao Phraya River; leaving the silent gun portals of "Pom Phet", one of the fortresses which once defended the ancient Siamese capital, disappearing in our wake. Ayutthaya to Bangkok : 10:00 Day 1 - 17:00 Day 2On the east bank we pass Sricharoen Shipyard where teak barges have been built and repaired for the last 100 years; and the Old Dutch Settlement where ships of the Dutch East Indies Company lay at anchor 400 years ago. The site of the Portuguese Settlement with its bizarre excavated cemetery, and the site of the Japanese Settlement slip by as we continue down river.

A further hour's cruising sees our arrival at Bang Pa-In Palace. Here we can stop at the unique gothic style Buddhist temple of Wat Nivet. From there you can ride a cable-car across the canal to the palace. The palace grounds contain a variety of beautiful European, Chinese and traditional Thai buildings, including some of the best known structures in the Kingdom.

Lunch may be taken on board or you may care to tie up at a convenient riverside restaurant and order from their extensive Thai menu.

After approximately 1 more hour's cruising we arrive at the Bang Sai Arts and Crafts Village. This large modern gallery hosts a wide range of modern and traditional Thai craftwork; many beautiful items are for sale at reasonable prices. The adjacent Traditional Thai Village displays a number of Ayutthaya style Thai houses in a garden setting and is worth visiting.

The next port of call is Wat Sala Daeng Nua, a small temple located in a village inhabited by descendants from an ethnic group originating in an area of northern Thailand near the Myanmar border. This pristine village on the banks of the Chao Phraya has been earmarked for future tourism development, but at the moment it is a peaceful place to take a relaxing walk among the flowers along the riverbank. As the temple is located on the eastern bank, you can enjoy pre-dinner drinks whilst watching the sun set over the river. Dinner is served on board in accordance with your selected menu. After dinner drinks are served whilst you catch up with the latest international news, enjoy music, a movie, or simply relax in the balmy tropical night.

Breakfast of your choice is served at your convenience, after which we set course to Samkhok and the revered temple of Wat Phailom, Ayutthaya to Bangkok : 10:00 Day 1 - 17:00 Day 2which is a winter nesting ground for the Asian Open-billed Stork. An elevated boardwalk has been erected through the mangroves so that you can get an intimate view of these graceful birds which migrate from Siberia and northern India.

A further hour's cruising southward brings you to the man-made island of Koh Kret. Isolated from the Eastern bank of the river by the Pak Kret Canal , the island has no roads or cars, only a narrow encircling laneway with paths leading to houses and the famous Mon potteries which dot the island. On weekends the island is bustling with tourists and the many small restaurants and bars lining the narrow thoroughfare do a brisk trade; on weekdays the pace is a little more relaxed. The island is definitely worth a visit to experience its unique culture and atmosphere.

From Koh Kret the cruise continues to Bangkok where you may disembark at your riverside hotel or other convenient place. We can arrange for a driver to collect you and take you to your hotel or the Airport.

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