Thai Rice Barge Cruises, Classic Barges for 5 Star Luxury River Barge Cruises and River Boat Cruises along the Chao Phraya River to Ayutthaya, Bangkok, Thailand
Classic Barges, Luxury River Barge Cruises Chao Phraya River Barge Cruises Thailand Classic Barges, 5 star cruises in a beautiful teak rice barge along the Chao Phraya River to Ayutthaya and Bangkok Luxury River Barges
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Thai Rice Barge Cruises


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Leisure travel for the independent minded traveller who not only desires 5 star plus accommodation, but also desires privacy and wishes to enjoy their holiday at their own pace. Not forgetting too the business person who cannot totally ignore business commitments and requires seclusion to stay in touch with the office.

Business persons will find that inviting a client for a sociable cruise on 'The River of Kings' is a perfect way to open a business relationship. Setting up a product display in the lower deck saloon will enhance a sales meeting. The seclusion of a Classic Barge is the ideal way to get clients' absolute attention; without external distractions a business deal can be more easily concluded. Office equipment can be installed to make amendments to contracts for those last minute changes.

Entertaining on the ' River of Kings ' in such elegance and style becomes a memorable occasion which your clients and guests will not readily forget. Hosting an evening cocktail party can be a unique way of showing appreciation to friends and acquaintances. The seclusion of a Classic Barge enables the entertainment of celebrities, diplomats and others in the public eye who have a desire for privacy and security.

Special Occasions are times worth remembering; what better way to mark that special moment than on an exclusive cruise on the ' River of Kings '. Mark your wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or other special occasion with a nostalgic private cruise.

Group Travel can be arranged where passenger numbers cannot be accommodated aboard overnight. Riverside hotels, boutique resorts and restaurants are located at various places along the river and can be utilised as required. Classic Barges can tailor an itinerary to suit your individual needs.

High End Sightseeing can be arranged for tour groups, providing luxury sightseeing as an add-on to premium tour packages.

* Click on any of the place names on the above map to see details of that particular river attraction.

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